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How to make a Correct Arch like De_dust2

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How to make a Correct Arch like De_dust2

Post  Ryan Li(Forum Owner) on Mon Dec 21, 2009 9:06 pm

Many mappers make arches with Carve tool or create it with Block Tool (Primitives -> Arch), but that way may make problems with illumination (light in the dark places) or ugly blinking/transfusion in places where brushes are badly connected.

The way to make simple, not lagging arch is to use Vertex Manipulation Tool and 6 brushes (number of brushes = number of arch sides). Then:

1) Create place where you would build the arch.
2) Create 3 brushes (number = 1/2 arch sides)
3) Then allocate the 1st brush and take the Vertex Manipulation tool; put the vertex from bottom and pull it up. Don't pull it up to the end!
4) Allocate the 2nd brush and pull his first bottom vertex on one level with vertex of the privious block, and second bottom vertex a little higher.
5) Allocate the last, 3rd brush, pull his first vertex on one level with top of the previous brush, but second vertex merge with top vertex (Answer 'Yes' when questioned "Merge vertices?")

Now copy these 3 brushes, rotate it 180 gr. and place them to the second corner.
So, you have a beautiful, not lagging arch made in 1 minute now Very Happy

You can make also doors for your arch. Make a brush (textures - wood, width=1/2 arch) and just Carve it to the size of arch minimal distance between the doors must be at least 33 units (if you want to make the passable doors Razz).

TIP: you can rotate objects by 15 gr. with pressed Shift.

TIP: you can dublicate objects - drag them with pressed Shift.

That's all Very Happy
Have fun with new arches and doors Very Happy

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