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How to make sound like on metal and sand

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How to make sound like on metal and sand

Post  Ryan Li(Forum Owner) on Mon Dec 21, 2009 9:07 pm

Annotation (for beginners or not knowing)
Likely all noticed that on standard maps and not only (for example de_nuke, de_chateau, cs_deagle5, as_oilrig) sounds of steps different in different places. It is reached by use of so-called "sounding" textures. The list of these textures with index of type of a sound contains in a file materials.txt in a folder cstrike/sound.

Now about use of the textures.
One of following sets of programs is required to us:
1) Valve Hammer editor, Wally, Textract, compilers ZHLT
2) Quark 6.3 and above and compilers ZHLT

Very simple and simultaneously an undesirable way - to add the textures in a file materials.txt. This way should not be used.

The right way consists in use of names of standard "sounding" textures about which I will tell.
If you use in the map also standard textures (halflife.wad, cstrike.wad, bdog.wad and others which are mentioned in a file materials.txt) it is necessary to copy the necessary textures in a separate wad-file. It is for this purpose used Wally or Quark. Or we create bsp-file from the map with use of parameter -nowadtextures for Hlcsg, and then we take textures from the turned out file in separate wad with the use Textract or Quark.

The further same actions, as for a case when you do not use the wad-files containing standard "sounding" textures.
In this case we find names of textures with necessary properties in a file materials.txt. Then we call the "sounding" textures these names and we correct names in the map (replace textures), and also the list of used wad-files. We compile the map (better with parameter -nowadtextures or -wadinclude for all used wad-files for Hlcsg - to it you exclude necessity to extend the wad-files with a map) with use of the wad-files (or received wad in the first case).

As a result we receive a map with the "sounding" textures as it was required.

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