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How to make a turret

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How to make a turret

Post  Raizinght on Mon Apr 22, 2013 2:41 am

1- Make a brush, i suggest to obviusly, make something like a turret, and make a brush with texture Origin where you want your turret to move:
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WARNING: Your turret should be facing West (Dont follow the image, i just got an error there, i figured out when compiling...)
2- Now, make it a group, EVERYTHING, including the Origin, and make it an Entity Brush, "func_tank", with the options:
Name: turret1
Target: shake1
Yaw rate:30
Yaw range:180
Yaw tolerance:15
Pitch rate:30
Pitch range:50 (Modify this if you want, its the maxium height that the turret can rotate)
Pitch tolerance:15
Smoke sprite/Sprite scale/Rotate sound/Rate of fire, and the other things, are in your choice...

And in the flags, mark the "controllable" flag

3-Create a AAATRIGGER textured brush, and make it an Entity Brush, "func_tankcontrols":
Tank entity name: turret1
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4- You are pretty much done now! But if you want something more intresting, you can make sounds and shake!, first, create 2 entities, env_shake and ambient_generic, and place them close to your turret, so the player can hear them

5- Modify them as you want, and the name of the 2 entities, should be "shake1", like we put in the turret.

6- You are almost done! Compile it... AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!, A WORKING TURRET!

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