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How to make Levers(switch for lights or something)

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How to make Levers(switch for lights or something)

Post  Ryan Li(Forum Owner) on Sun Dec 13, 2009 8:33 pm

Everyone must remember the lever on cs_militia which turns off lamps in canalization Razz I'll explain, how to create an analogue of this lever.

First, create a long thin brush (it will be the lever). Make an ORIGIN-brush in it's basics. Allocate origin-brush and lever...and make it func_rot_button. Type in these parametres:

Targetted object - write the name of object which you want to toggle or turn on/off (for example, 'door1');
Speed - 200 (spedd of rotating of lever);
Sounds - gus clunc (choose any of sounds from the list);
Delay - 0 (how much time you can't use this lever after toggling; if you write '-1' you'll can use it only once per round);
Distance (deg) - 180 (don't write bigger amount!)

+Not Solid (makes lever non-material (player can not prevent the rotating of the lever))
Toggle (If activated, lever would stay in current position until someone won't activate it again)
+ReverseDir, +Y Axis - depends from how you have positioned the lever.

Now, our lever is ready; you must only create an object for activation and write it's name to the lever's Targetted object gap.
Have fun with turning lights on/off Very Happy

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